When did Lifebuoy come to India?

When did Lifebuoy come to India?

The heritage brand, which has been around for more than a 100 years now (the first container with Lifebuoy soaps landed on Indian shores in 1895 at Bombay Harbour), was once touted to be the soap that was everything male and sporty. It has now become a family brand.

Is Lifebuoy an Indian company?

Although Lifebuoy is no longer produced in the US and UK, it is still being mass-produced by Unilever in Cyprus for the UK, EU (on hold and under investigation) and Brazilian markets, in Trinidad and Tobago for the Caribbean market, and in India for the Asian market.

When was Lifebuoy soap introduced?

Lifebuoy products Since Lifebuoy’s launch in 1894, we have supported people in their quest for better personal hygiene. The classic red bar of soap and its distinctive medicated carbolic scent was synonymous with cleanliness throughout the twentieth century.

What colour was the original Lifebuoy soap?

Come 1894, the brothers launched Lifebuoy soap that featured phenol/carbolic acid. It was this acid that gave the soap its distinctive red colour.

What is the Lifebuoy brand known for?

Lifebuoy also has a history of helping people maintain hygiene in times of natural disaster. During the 1940 Blitz of London, the brand set up mobile, free washing facilities for public use.

What is the history of Lifebuoy soap?

Lifebuoy went through several changes and incarnations throughout the brand’s history. A white version of the soap was introduced in 1962 and contained a light perfume scent. Pink and aqua versions were released soon after.

What is Lifebuoy doing in Indonesia?

In 2005 Lifebuoy was awarded a ‘Citizen Brand’ accolade in Indonesia in recognition of the work it has undertaken in hygiene education over the years, including community health projects with UNICEF and the Indonesia Doctor Association (IDA).

What is liflifebuoy?

Lifebuoy started with William Lever’s goal to stop cholera in Victorian England. Over the past century, we’he envolved into the world’s #1 selling germs protection soap and a worldwide leader bringing beter health and hygiene to billions.

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