Who wrote my heart will go on piano?

Who wrote my heart will go on piano?

James Horner
My Heart Will Go On

“My Heart Will Go On”
Length 4:40 (album version) 5:11 (soundtrack version)
Label Columbia Epic
Composer(s) James Horner
Lyricist(s) Will Jennings

Was My Heart Will Go On written for the Titanic?

This was written for the movie Titanic. James Horner came up with the music for the song and scored the film. Horner, who died in a 2015 plane crash at age 61, was a very popular composer of orchestral music who wrote scores for many movies, including Braveheart, Apollo 13 and Aliens. Will Jennings wrote the lyrics.

How can I learn sheet music fast?

Recognizing intervals is a quick and practical way to learn how to read sheet music because your fingers respond to the shape of the music. By recognizing common shapes and patterns, you will not have to think as much, and will therefore speed up your processing time, making you a faster reader.

What instrument is used in the Titanic theme song?

The theme features orchestral violin, strings and piano. Electronic choir intrudes at times. Sissel Kyrkjebø performs the wordless vocals of this theme, with Céline Dion singing this leitmotif in lyrical form (as “My Heart Will Go On”).

What grade is My Heart Will Go On?

Grade 2
My Heart Will Go On – Us Grade 2.

Who wrote My Heart Will Go On Titanic?

Will JenningsMy Heart Will Go On / Lyricist

Who did Celine Dion write My Heart Will Go On for?

James Horner (who died in 2015 in a plane crash at the age of 61) famously composed “My Heart Will Go On” in secret, after Titanic director James Cameron was initially hesitant about the idea of including a pop tune in his maritime blockbuster.

What instrument My Heart Will Go On?

There are only three main instruments in this piece – flutes, bagpipes and pianos as it captures the mood and emotions between the two lovers on board the Titanic ship. This mean that the song has a polyphonic texture as it the melody is played by two or more instruments.

What is the wind instrument in My Heart Will Go On?

The Tin Whistle
At around 1:38 of the song “My Heart Will Go On”, the mysterious secret flute strikes again… what is that instrument? The Tin Whistle!

What did Celine Dion do while singing My Heart Will Go On at the Oscars?

Dion went on to perform the hit tune at the 1998 Oscars wearing the famous Heart of the Ocean necklace that Billy Zane’s character, Cal Hockley, gives his fiancée, Kate Winslet’s Rose DeWitt Bukater.

Who sang Titanic theme song?

James HornerTitanic: Music from the Motion Picture / Artist

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