How do I renew my CAP ID?

How do I renew my CAP ID?

Renew by simply paying your dues through one of three options: 1….Cadet or Senior Member

  1. Log into your eServices account at
  2. Click on the link to renew in red text at the top of the page.
  3. If you cannot log into your account, use the Password Assistance or Help Desk link located on the login page.

What is a CAP 76 card?

Airlift. CIVIL AIR PATROL MEMBER MOVEMENT VIA MILITARY AIRCRAFT. This regulation establishes procedures to be used by Civil Air Patrol (CAP) personnel to obtain authorization for transportation of CAP members on military aircraft and use of military facilities and vehicles.

How do you resign from a CAP?

To submit a voluntary resignation, members should use the CAP Form 2B. For the reason, select “voluntary resignation.” You may request a copy of your records from your unit which will be helpful when you hopefully resume your membership in CAP.

How do I print a cap ID?

To download and print a temporary membership card:

  1. Login to your eServices account at
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. A drop down menu will appear.
  4. The link to download and print a temporary card is located under the “Membership Card” heading, about halfway down the page.

How do I find my cap ID?

Your CAPID is a 6-digit identification number. It’s found on your membership card and in eServices. 4.

How do I get a cap 101 card?

Printing Your 101 Card

  1. Login to eServices.
  2. Select Operations from the left hand menu and then choose the OperationsQualifications application.
  3. Select 101 Card from the Emergency Services section on the left.
  4. Fill out your personal info and then click to obtain the card.

What are the core values of cap?

In February 1999, the CAP National Board formally approved the following core values: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. Over time, CAP has integrated these core values into all professional development programs for senior members and cadets.

How do you write a letter of resignation for a job you hate?

Write a resignation letter. Send a copy to your employer, and a copy to the HR department. Like your in-person resignation, keep the letter positive, or at least neutral. Do not go into detail about the reasons why you hate the job.

What is the highest rank in CAP?

The grade of Cadet Colonel (C/Col) is the highest grade, and final milestone that a cadet of the Civil Air Patrol may attain. The General Carl A. Spaatz Award. that garners the rank of C/Col is Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet award and honor and is achieved by less than 0.5% of all cadets nationwide.

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