How many types of seeds plants are there?

How many types of seeds plants are there?

Flowering plant
Seed plants/Lower classifications

How do you crossbreed plants in Plant Tycoon?

Select the plant and drag its pollen over either itself or another mature plant, then release. A plant can only be pollinated once and will produce a random number of seeds before becoming depleted. Self-pollination will result in seeds that are clones of the original plant.

How do you get seeds in Plant Tycoon?

Go to the Gardening Supplies shop, buy the 3 common seeds, and plant them. Wait for the plants to mature. You can use the initial supply of growth chemicals to speed the growth of your first plants. When the plants are mature, self-pollinate the most valuable plants to produce more seeds for those plant species.

How many plants are there in Plant Tycoon?

There are many approaches to solving the game. There are over 500 species of plants! Plants sell better if flowers are visible. Only mature plants display there name.

How do I get Bluestar astera?

To make a Bluestar, you need to cross a Spotted with a Jalapa. Yeah, it’s a lot more difficult to produce some of the species without having a Spotted Reptans. Spotted Reptans is the single hardest specie to produce.

How do you get a Mela in Plant Tycoon?

Breeding. Mela flowers can be bred from all other types of flowers. Breeding these pairs of plants will produce Mela seeds. It does not matter which one is the pollinator and which one is the receiver.

What are plants in plant tycoon?

Plants are the primary focus of Plant Tycoon. They are grown from seeds in the game’s main screen, the greenhouse. Plants have two separate characteristics which determine their species: foliage and flowers.

How do you grow plants in plant tycoon?

Plant Tycoon Seeds To grow plants you need seeds and you must plant those seeds in the proper soil. There are three types of soil and you should upgrade to the best soil you can afford as quickly as you can. Seeds are broken into three main types — common, endangered and extinct.

What are the tiers of seeds?

All seeds have 4 levels of qualities, known as tiers (1 being the worst, 4 being the best). Within each family of plant seeds, you can grow a variety of types of plants. For example …. here are the four tiers of seeds in the Reptans family.

What does a Tier 1 reptans seed turn into?

I purchased a tier 1 reptans seeds (this is a common type seed) from the supply store. I planted it, fed it with plant food and watched it grow. It grew into a citrus reptans that sold in my nursery for $8. Tier 1 seeds can turn into bluestar, citrus, fourpetal, jalapa or spotted plants.

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