How tall is a 1000ml flask?

How tall is a 1000ml flask?

9-5/8″ tall
The 1000ml flask is 9-5/8″ tall OA x 5-5/8″ dia with a 1-5/16″ ID mouth, and a lip.

How tall is a 1 L Erlenmeyer flask?

216 mm
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Product Number 4980-1L
Rubber Stopper No. 9
Height 216 mm (approx.)
O.D. 129 mm (approx.)
Flask Style Erlenmeyer

What is an Erlenmeyer flask not used for?

In both biology and chemistry, the main primary function of the Erlenmeyer Flask is to mix liquids. Although a scale of measurement is printed in the side of a flask, they are rarely used for measuring purposes due to their uneven sides.

What is a typical flask size?

8 ounces
Flasks can be found in practically any size ranging from a single shot up to massive flasks that can hold a liter or more. However, 8 ounces is the most common flask size. This equates to about 5 shots or liquor. Carrying your flask in the back pocket of your trousers may feel cool, but it will warm your whiskey.

How tall is a 2000 mL flask?

2,000 mL. Features, Dimensions & Weight: Cork Stopper Size: N/A. Height: 268 mm.

What kind of glass is used in Erlenmeyer flask?

This 1000ml PYREX® narrow mouth Erlenmeyer flask with a heavy duty rim is made from low expansion, Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass that can be heated directly in an open flame. PYREX® Erlenmeyer flasks are made to ASTM E14040 specifications for general laboratory use such as mixing, heating, and cooling.

How much does a Pyrex flask cost?

Glass & Plasticware Flasks Print Pyrex® Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, Measuring, 1,000 mL Item #: 726698 Description Specifications Reviews Q&A QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICE 1 – 11 $10.70 12+ $10.15 Product: (in stock) Quantity Add to Wishlist Description Corning® 4980.

What is the advantage of the Erlenmeyer flask over the others?

It also has an extra large marking area. The Erlenmeyer Flask is used to heat and store liquids. The advantage to the Erlenmeyer Flask is that the bottom is wider than the top so it will heat quicker because of the greater surface area exposed to the heat.

Is Pyrex owned by Corning?

Corning and PYREX are registered trademarks of Corning Incorporated, Corning NY. Other Items In This Category PYREX Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 2000mL NC-1347 Price:$39.95 Add To Cart PYREX Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 500mL NC-0401 Price:$10.99

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