Is Cara Delevingne still friends with Taylor?

Is Cara Delevingne still friends with Taylor?

Delevingne has spent a lot of time acting, and she and Swift are still social-media friends.

Is Kendall part of Taylor Swift’s squad?

May 28, 2017: Kim Kardashian West says Kendall Jenner was never part of Taylor Swift’s squad.

Did Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have a falling out?

While Kloss’ representatives have denied there was a falling out, Swift didn’t attend either of the supermodel’s wedding events. Below is a comprehensive timeline of Kloss and Swift’s friendship.

Is Taylor Swift’s new song about Karlie Kloss?

“When the words of a sister come back in whispers that prove she was not, in fact, what she seemed.”

Are Selena and Taylor still friends?

Selena and Taylor have been friends forever. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are two BFFs who never miss an opportunity to give their fan’s best friends goals.

Are Kendall and Selena friends?

The two were friends in the past, as both were members of Taylor Swift’s squad. In one 2016 interview, Gomez even revealed that Jenner had a boyfriend.

What did Karlie Kloss say about Taylor Swift?

“Taylor is incredible, and I feel really lucky to call her a friend, and she’s one of the hardest working women, and I loved her essay,” Kloss responded.

Which Taylor Swift album is about Karlie Kloss?

Taylor Swift released two additional songs from the deluxe version of “Evermore,” her ninth studio album, to streaming platforms on Thursday. Fans are convinced that the lyrics to one of the tracks, “It’s Time to Go,” are about supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Are Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss friends?

As detailed by Insider, Swift and Kloss’ friendship first started when the pop singer mentioned Kloss in a 2012 interview with Vogue. “I love Karlie Kloss,” Swift told the outlet. “I want to bake cookies with her!”

Are Taylor Swift and Karlie Redd still friends with Scooter Brown?

Wrapping the list up is definite proof that Taylor and Karlie aren’t the besties that they used to be. As Taylor’s fans know, the musician has publicly called out entrepreneur Scooter Brown in 2019 for not allowing her to own her recordings.

Will Karlie Kloss’ex-friends reveal what really happened between her and Karlie?

Sounds awfully like her “twin sister” Karlie Kloss, no? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that either of the two ex-friends will reveal what truly went down-so it seems like we’ll be left with mere speculations in the meantime.

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