Is Midway Park Saver safe?

Is Midway Park Saver safe?

About Midway Park Saver Midway Park Saver provides a highly convenient and secure place to park your car with the lowest rates available at Chicago’s Midway Airport!

Where do you park when flying out of Midway?


  • Economy Garage. The Economy Garage is located west of S. Cicero Avenue and north of 55th Street.
  • Economy Lot. The Economy Lot is at 5050 West 55th Street; just east of the Economy Garage.
  • ​ Parking Information. Call Midway’s Parking Garage Office at (773) 838-0756 for:

How much does it cost to park at Midway Airport for 3 days?

Payments are made to the cashier upon exiting the lots.

Time Range Rate
2 to 3 hours $12.00
3 to 4 hours $16.00
4 to 8 hours $20.00
8 to 24 hours $40.00

How much is it to park your car at Midway?

Parking at the Midway airport costs from $2 for hourly parking to $60 per day in the Main Parking Garage. See below for a full set of short and long-term parking prices and options at Chicago Midway Airport….Midway Airport Parking Rates & Options.

Long-Term Off-Site W/ Shuttle Rate
Per Day $15
Daily Lot Rate
Per Day $30

Does Midway have valet parking?

We make things EZ. At arrival, feel free to have our parking attendant valet your car or park it yourself. Either way our staff are ready to assist you with your luggage. Our low economy parking rates beat the competition.

How much is it to park at Midway Airport for a week?

How much is parking at Midway Airport? SpotHero lists daily parking rates near Midway from $8.75 – $14 per day.

Does Midway have curbside check in?

Departing passengers at Midway and O’Hare airports have the option of checking luggage curbside on the departure level.

Do I need a reservation to park at Midway Airport?

The parking reservation fee is $10 per space, per day. This does not include applicable taxes, fees and the cost for parking. To make your online reservation, click here. For more information regarding Midway Parking please call (773) 838-0756 or [email protected]​.

Who flies out of Midway?

With the return of Frontier, the airlines flying out of Midway will include: Southwest, Delta, Allegiant, Porter, Volaris and, soon, Frontier.

Why Park at Midway Park Saver?

Midway Park Saver provides a highly convenient and secure place to park your car with the lowest rates available at Chicago’s Midway Airport! Unlike the airport’s “Economy” Parking Lot, at Midway Park Saver you’ll never be inconvenienced waiting for a shuttle bus to carry you to or from the airport.

Is Park N Fly parking at Midway worth it?

Ron is right: parking in the airport’s economy lot is cheaper than Park N Fly. The place has rebranded themselves and I miss the old retro-branding. They don’t have bad service, and the place is def one of the most secure off-site parking options in the sketchy Midway airport area. If the Econ lot is full, head this way.

Where is Park’N Fly Chicago Midway?

Park ‘N Fly Chicago Midway is located just two miles from MDW. You’ll love the availability of INDOOR valet parking, which keeps your vehicle protected from the elements. This is safe and secure lot, with a professional staff waiting to assist you. Reserve now! + Hotel & Parking!

Why park ride&fly Chicago Midway Airport?

Park Ride & Fly offers busy travelers economical and secure airport parking with complimentary services like luggage assistance and curb-to-curb shuttle services. While you are away, our Chicago Midway airport parking facility will keep your car safe with 24-hour surveillance, indoor parking and well-lit, fenced-in facilities.

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