Is Spoto press harder?

Is Spoto press harder?

Although the ROM is slightly shorter, Spoto Presses are harder than the regular bench press because you’re under tension for longer. The key with these is to stay tight and under control.

Why is the Spoto press good?

However, the Spoto press forces more time under tension while teaching you how to maintain tension through the movement within the same range of motion. It hammers the triceps, especially when you do it in a close-grip fashion. You have to recruit more strength from your triceps and front deltoids.

How tall is Eric Spoto?

5′ 10″Eric Spoto / Height

How much weight should I use for Spoto press?

Eric Spoto is an American powerlifter and arm-wrestler, who mainly specializes in the bench press. He is best known for holding the world record in the raw bench press with a monster lift of 722 lbs. Interested in strength sports at a young age led Spoto to compete in various events.

Is Spoto Press good for hypertrophy?

Any loss of tightness is a loss of tension and muscle tension is one of the primary driving factors in eliciting hypertrophy. The Spoto Press maximizes muscular tension and teaches you to get tight.

What is Spoto bench?

What is a Spoto Press? The movement is like the paused bench press on steroids! However, there is one important distinction. Instead of pausing the barbell on the chest, the barbell is paused for approximately one second one to two inches off the chest.

Who invented the Spoto Press?

Eric Spoto, one of the greatest benchers of all time with a 722 raw bench, coined these invisible board presses “Spoto” presses.

What is Eric Spoto’s bench press breakthrough?

Eric Spoto considers learning to bench press like a powerlifter to be his biggest bench press breakthrough. That means, keep tight elbows, shoulder pulled back, and force the leg drive as hard as possible. If you are just lowering the bar and pressing it back up, you are not doing much.

Is Eric Spoto at full strength?

Even though Eric Spoto does tons of reps over the course of nine sets in this workout, he is obviously still at full strength, or close to full strength when he reaches his last set. If he wasn’t at full strength, he would have been buried by his last set with705 pounds.

How does Spoto set up for his sets?

You’ll see that Spoto always takes time to set his body up right for each set, and each single rep. When setting up for a lift, his feet are spaced fairly wide, he squeezes his shoulder blades together and slightly arches his back to get his chest as high as possible and reduce the distance the bar must travel from his chest to a lockout.

What is a Spoto press?

The Spoto press is named after a former world-record holder and one of the best benchers of all time. He held the raw bench press record with 722lbs, which still stands as one of the best results in the world.

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