What does Sockdologizing mean?

What does Sockdologizing mean?

Ambiguous term of abuse
Sockdologizing definition (nonce word) Ambiguous term of abuse; scheming.

How do you use sockdolager in a sentence?

Sockdolager in a Sentence 🔉

  1. President Trump’s win came as a surprising sockdolager to both Democrats and Republicans alike.
  2. His request for a divorce a sockdolager to his unsuspecting wife, the man quickly gathered his things and moved out of the house.

What is a ripsnorter?

Definition of ripsnorter : something extraordinary : humdinger the finale was a ripsnorter.

Where did the word codswallop come from?

A frequently given etymology, although widely rejected as a folk etymology, derives it from Hiram Codd, British soft drink maker of the 1870s, known for the eponymous Codd-neck bottle, with the suggestion that codswallop is a derisive term for soft drinks by beer drinkers, from Codd’s + wallop (“beer (slang)”) “Codd’s …

Where did the saying rip snorter come from?

American English snorter “something fierce or furious” is from 1833. riproaring (adj.) also rip-roaring, “full of vigour, spirit, or excellence” [OED], 1834, in affectations of Western U.S. (Kentucky) slang, altered from riproarious “boisterous, violent” (1821), from. “tear apart” + uproarious; see uproar.

What does a load of old flannel mean?

Collins’ Dictionary of Slang says that the noun “flannel” has been used to mean “rubbish, albeit plausible rubbish” since the 1920s, and the verb “to flannel” has meant “to talk nonsense in a soothing, plausible manner, esp for the purposes of charming a woman one wishes to seduce” since the 1940s.

What’s a ripsnorter?

What does Captain Cook mean?

slang A brief glance or inspection; a look. The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which “Captain Cook” rhymes with “look.” (Captain James Cook was an 18th-century British navigator.)

How do you use Ripsnorter in a sentence?

noun. ‘Last week her set piece was a ripsnorter – peppered as it was, with traces of embedded humour – involving journalists, military mayhem, cover-up and collusion. ‘

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