What is pelleve?

What is pelleve?

What is Pelleve? Pelleve is a non-surgical device which is used to tighten and firm skin from the inside out by stimulating the growth of collagen under the skin. Uses radio frequency to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How long does pelleve take to work?

The procedure is FDA approved and each package of treatments includes three 45 minute treatments for optimal results. Why is Pelleve different than other skin tightening treatments?

How many pelleve reviews do you have?

RealSelf features 30 Pelleve reviews you can trust, from real people like you. I can’t separate these two treatments as they were completed together. I’ve had two rounds of each with another scheduled in a few days. I honestly didn’t realize how well this worked until I saw a photo of myself from this spring.

Should I get the pelleve treatment?

I really recommend the Pelleve treatment, I have been having it every 3 months. The environment of the clinic is very soothing and calming. I started seeing Morgan at Dr. Subbio about 1 year ago and I can say that she has been amazing!

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