What is the best tool to cut tree branches?

What is the best tool to cut tree branches?

For the cleanest cuts, choose bypass pruners, which cut like a pair of scissors, with a curved cutting blade that slides past a lower broad blade. Also called lopping shears, a lopper is the tool of choice for cutting branches 2 inches in diameter. The lopper label should specify the branch size it will cut.

Can you cut a tree with a pole saw?

A telescopic hand pole saw is the safest and cheapest tool for cutting down a high tree branch. Without the need for a ladder, this tool makes a tree branch trimming job quick and safer than the ladder and standard chainsaw approach.

Is it OK to cut branches off trees?

Yes, you can kill a tree by over pruning it. It’s best to start small, and only remove a few branches at a time. Then every year, continue working on it until you reach the desired shape. Also, don’t cut off any large limbs unless they are dead or severely damaged.

What is the difference between a chainsaw and a pole saw?

The major difference between a chainsaw and a pole saw is their length. The chainsaw is short and is used to work close to your body, to cut trees or logs. A pole saw is long, like a chainsaw on a stick, and is mainly used to cut and trim at places you can not reach with your chainsaw.

How big of a branch can a cordless pole saw cut?

This cordless pole saw operates at 6.5 ft. or 9.5 ft. with the extension pole and features an 8 in. bar and chain for trimming away branches up to 6 in. Dia With an in-line motor and angled cutting head, you can remove branches easily, even in tight spaces.

What kind of chainsaw is a pole chainsaw?

This pole chainsaw is part of EGO’s multi-attachment powerhead series, which includes seven other interchangeable attachments: a bristle brush, a rubber broom, a cultivator, a hedge trimmer, a string trimmer, and a pole extension. It is available as the attachment only or sold with the powerhead.

Can you use a pole saw to cut down a tree?

But they have dense limbs and broken branches that need regular pruning. A pole saw is the ultimate tool for pruning tree branches from the safety of the ground. Coming with a long pole to reach heights that wouldn’t be possible with a chainsaw, pole saws make the tree trimming process faster, efficient, and safer.

What size chainsaw do I need to cut a tree?

Great for general maintenance, these small chainsaws and pole saws have a cutting bar anywhere from 6 inches to 14 inches long. You’ll easily cut through trees and shrubs without thick branches. Cut through thick trees and logs with a moderate-use chainsaw or pole saw.

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