What is the narrowest vertical radiator?

What is the narrowest vertical radiator?

Available in four different sizes, the narrowest of which is just 300mm wide, the Aspen vertical single designer radiator is one of our most popular choices for small spaces. Choose from either white, anthracite or stainless steel, and there’s also a double option available for greater heat output.

What sizes do vertical radiators come in?

A choice of size, colour and finish All our vertical radiators come in a variety of different sizes including popular lengths such as 1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm. Many can also be made in bespoke sizes to fit any space on your wall.

Are designer vertical radiators any good?

yes. That’s because even though, as a general rule of thumb, vertical designer radiators do not achieve the same heating performance of more traditional, horizontal radiators, if you do your homework and choose the right model, you can find a solution that not only looks great, but heats your room efficiently too.

What size radiator do I need?

It’s recommended that you choose a radiator size that is within a 10% range of your BTU requirement. However, if it is a choice between buying a radiator that is a little on the small side vs one that is slightly too big, it is best to oversize and buy one that is too large.

Which are the best designer radiators?

What’s the Best Designer Radiator?

  1. Jaga Knockonwood Horizontal Designer Radiator.
  2. Arroll Montmartre 3 Column Radiator.
  3. Terma Ribbon Horizontal Designer Radiator.
  4. Reina Neva Single Vertical Designer Radiator.
  5. Towelrads Far Infrared Mirror Heater.
  6. Terma Hex Designer Radiator.

Why are radiators white?

Whereas black surfaces absorb heat energy and light, white surfaces reflect them in contrast. Therefore, to project as much heat as possible out of radiators, moving the heat effectively from the inside to the outside, you would opt to paint them white.

Can you tuck curtains behind radiators?

The main mistake that people make is to fit heavy floor-length curtains over both the window and the radiator below. This traps the heat in the window space and does not let it into the room. Correctly fitted curtains should not cover the top of the radiator, but should stop just below the window ledge.

Can a radiator be too big?

If your radiator is too big, it will minimize essential wall space and use excess energy whenever it is in operation. By contrast, if your radiator is too small, it won’t have the capacity to properly heat your space to the required temperature.

Are 400mm x 1200mm radiators any good?

The long and skinny nature of 400mm x 1200mm radiators makes them a great fit for unusual or narrow spaces. Their slim silhouette also makes them ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. The shallow depth allows you to install them in places that would usually be too narrow for a more conventionally sized radiator.

What are the benefits of vertical radiators?

Vertical radiators are incredibly versatile, suiting a wide range of rooms, spaces and layouts. Those with limited wall space will benefit from the tall and narrow vertical design as it frees up more space in a room and allows you to use the rest of your wall space however you like.

Are there any cheap vertical radiators made from aluminium?

Just Radiators offer a range of cheap vertical radiators made from aluminium, an economical yet visually impressive choice. We also stock a variety of vertical designer radiators that have been expertly designed for energy efficiency. Are vertical radiators effective at giving out enough heat?

Which radiators are best for small spaces?

Vertical radiators are a great choice for spaces that will require a radiator to be placed behind a door, as their tall and narrow design will fit into a small space and look the neatest when the door is open.

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