What kind of rock is Potato Chip Rock?

What kind of rock is Potato Chip Rock?

Potato Chip Rock is a wafer-like prong of granodiorite near the summit of 2,881-foot Mount Woodson, a boulder-strewn peak that looms east of Lake Poway.

How long is the hike to Potato Chip Rock?

How long does it take to hike potato chip rock? The proper hike from the bottle of Lake Poway, the Poway Wilderness Picnic Area Trail is 8 miles, so it will take 3-4 hours. If you take the back route, the hike is only 3.75 miles – in and out – or 5.5 miles as a loop. It will take 2 to 3 hours.

How hard is the hike to Potato Chip Rock?

Overview of Potato Chip Rock. The Mt. Woodson trail is located in the city of Poway, right near Poway Lake. The route is difficult in scale, totaling 7.6 miles out and back, with elevation gains exceeding 2,000 feet.

Why is it called Potato Chip Rock?

In a tweet, he wrote that part of the rock had snapped off and fallen into Lake Poway below. He even added a picture for “proof”. Also located on the trail from Lake Poway to Potato Chip Rock is Sandcrawler Rock, named for its resemblance to the Sandcrawler transport vehicle from the Star Wars Universe.

Is the Potato Chip Rock safe?

The trail is totally kid friendly. There are no open edges where your kids are going to run off of and the trail is paved the whole way until you get to the rock (about 100m of unpaved trail).

Can you stand on Potato Chip Rock?

There’s a small hop onto Potato Chip Rock, and when people land on the rock, it can vibrate a bit which can be scary. When you’re standing on the rock, it’s not too bad, and you won’t fall hundreds of feet if it breaks. You might break a few bones, but you’ll survive.

Is Potato Chip Rock scary?

ARRIVING AT POTATO CHIP ROCK Every time people mentioned this hike, they described as a scary ledge with huge drop offs, but it was nothing more than a perspective shot. To get to the Potato Chip, you have to jump from one boulder to another.

Is Potato Chip Rock steep?

What About the Potato Chip Short Trail? There are a few ways to hike to Potato Chip Rock and Mt Woodson. The route from Lake Poway is the most popular route for a good reason. It has great scenery, plenty of parking, facilities and bathrooms, and is the least steep (although still a tough climb).

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    Is potato chip rock dangerous?

    Potato Chip Rock is crazy, a little dangerous, and – much to the chagrin of locals – a darling of the Instagram crowd. Perched high above the arid valleys of Poway in Southern California, the very photogenic site repeatedly pops up in newspapers, blogs and social media streams around the world.

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