Why Serba Dinamik?

Why Serba Dinamik?

Serba Dinamik has created through its own resources and with its alliances, a large number of facilities in strategic locations to service the turbomachinery equipment. It is building two state of the art workshops in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo region respectively to cater to the various aspects of servicing the Turbomachinery equipment.

Why Serba Dinamik for EPCC customers?

Serba Dinamik together with our affiliate companies have created a regional network of EPCC customers. To cater for the growing energy market locally and globally, we are expanding our range of services and products in EPCC through the acquisition of 15% equity in Green & Smart Holdings PLC.

Who is Serba?

Serba currently has 6 strategic workshops/fabrication yards in Bintulu, Miri,Labuan, Paka, Kemaman and Johor and employs over 300 full time technical staff and up to 500 contract staff. Serba has evolved to become a significant EPCC, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and System Integrator.

Why choose Serba for total engineering and maintenance?

Serba’s Total Engineering and Maintenance (TEAM) help clients reduce operating costs and incease the performance and value of their assets. Serba emphasizes its core policy commitments to quality, the protection of Health, Safety and the Environment, a commitment which ranks equal with all its other primary business objectives.

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