Will a Melanurus wrasse eat peppermint shrimp?

Will a Melanurus wrasse eat peppermint shrimp?

Valuable Member. My Melanurus pays no mind to the Fire or Cleaner shrimp and snails. But, did make a snack out of some Peppermint shrimp I added to take care of some Aptasia. The Peppermint where added after the Melanurus was already in the tank, so that might be a factor.

Will a Melanurus wrasse eat shrimp?

As omnivores, the Melanurus wrasse doesn’t mind sampling from the meaty side of the menu. And when they get hungry? They’ll happily consume feather dusters, crabs, shrimp, and snails.

Will wrasse eat peppermint shrimp?

So yes, the wrasse will eat your shrimp. They will also bite starfish legs off, eat overturned snails, and eat hermits. Basically, treat your cleanup crew as a resource that must be renewed every few months since it doubles as a food source for these gorgeous fish.

Will wrasse eat shrimp?

Yes some wrasse will most definitely enjoy a shrimp but the ones listed are very small in comparison to cleaners. It is also less likely when the shrimp is in the tank before the wrasse. A molt gone wrong is a big cause of death in otherwise healthy looking shrimp.

How long do wrasses live in captivity?

Rainbow Wrasse Fish Care Guide (Coris Julis)

Common Name(s) Rainbow Wrasse, Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse
Food & Diet Carnivorous
Lifespan 2-4 years
Water pH 8.1-8.4
Tank Mates Groupers, Angelfish, Hawkfish, and Triggerfish

How fast do wrasses grow?

Mine grew from about 2 inches to about 4 in just over a year, and it has slowed down since then.

What wrasse eat peppermint shrimp?

Sixline Wrasse and Peppermint Shrimp.

Will 6 line wrasse eat shrimp?

I have had a six line wrasse with peppermint and cleaner shrimp for a couple of years. There have been no problems.

What kind of shrimp can you put with melanurus?

The larger shimps, including cleaner and fire shrimp, will likely be fine with a melanurus wrasse in the tank. There are plenty of reports, however, of full-grown Melanurus eating peppermint shimp, so mix these two inhabitants with caution, or your fish may be getting an expensive snack.

What is a melanurus wrasse?

The Melanurus Wrasse is a fascinating fish to watch. They are highly active fish that will be sliding through the water of your aquarium most of the day, scanning the rocks and sand for small critters to eat. They have also been known to flash and pace up against the glass, putting on quite the show for anyone watching.

Is the melanurus wrasse the right fish for new tank owners?

A recent trend has been to recommend the melanurus wrasse to new tank owners who have a large enough tank (read: at least 50 gallons) to house this amazing fish. I view this is as a positive development.

Will melanurus wrasse eat planaria flatworms?

One of the best kept secrets in the hobby, the Melanurus Wrasse is one of the best problem solvers for Planaria flatworms in reef aquariums. Forget medications that can harm or damage your delicate motile invertebrates! The Melanurus Wrasse will consume flatworms and you will see the difference within a matter of a couple of days.

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