Are there companies with no debt?

Are there companies with no debt?

The dividend yield has been included. Because these companies have no debt and generate strong cash flow, the dividends should be safe….No Debt Concerns.

Cash Position $2.1 billion
1-Year Stock Performance 1%
Operating Cash Flow $3.1 billion
Dividend Yield 2.71%

Is Bel a debt free company?

BEL is a debt-free company which is a very important attribute in fundamental investing. BEL has consistently declared dividends over the last few years. For the year ending March 2020, BEL had declared a dividend of Rs 2.8 per share. In terms of the current market price of Rs 116.65, the dividend yield of BEL is 2.4%.

Is SBI debt Free?

The following is a list of the firms with the highest market capitalization that have no debt….Best 10 Debt-Free Company Stocks To Invest In India 2021.

Company Debt Market Cap in Rs
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd 0 34.73TCr
HDFC AMC Ltd 0 66.17TCr
Max Financial 0 34.77TCr
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) 0 5.58LCr

Which are the debt free penny stocks?

This penny stock turned ₹10,000 into ₹26 lakh in 3 months!

  • Yamini Investments Company. The financial investment firm is another penny stock with zero debt.
  • Toyam Industries. The firm, engaged in sports promotion and management, has delivered 138% returns to its shareholders over the past six months.
  • Rander Corporation.

Is Amazon a debt free company?

The best day of my life was when our sales reached a crore per month, and we became totally debt free company. We felt so motivated and our next target is to reach 2 crore INR sale per month this year.

Which Indian companies are debt free?

debt free companies

S.No. Name ROE %
1. P & G Hygiene 69.78
2. Bhansali Engg. 64.31
3. Castrol India 49.55
4. Tips Industries 47.82

Is Castrol debt free?

The company has almost negligible debt on its books and good free cash flow. We believe that the stock of Castrol India deserves a better discounting and it is not very lofty to aim for a price target of Rs 200 from the current levels. The stock of Castrol India was last trading at Rs 124 on the NSE.

Is TCS debt free?

3] Tata Consultancy Services or TCS: This is another large-cap IT company stock with zero debt and high alpha feature. In last 5 years, TCS share price has risen from around ₹1100 to ₹3641 on NSE, yielding near 231 per cent return to its shareholders in this period beating Nifty by around 124 per cent.

Which is the best penny stocks to buy today?

CESC. Polyplex Corp.

  • Godawari Power388.952.76% Sharda Cropchem547.40-1.23% CDSL1482.70-0.64%
  • NMDC151.650.07%
  • Value Stocks. NMDC151.650.07% Manali Petro110.753.55% Motilal Oswal860.60-1.11% Sun TV459.85-1.29%
  • Which penny stock is fundamentally strong?

    Fundamentally good Penny stock

    S.No. Name Qtr Profit Var %
    1. Key Corp 45.45
    2. Real Touch Fin 7.14
    3. Glance Finance 57.69
    4. Garbi Finvest 6920.00

    How much is Netflix in debt?

    How Much Debt Does Netflix Carry? The chart below, which you can click on for greater detail, shows that Netflix had US$15.5b in debt in September 2021; about the same as the year before. However, it also had US$7.53b in cash, and so its net debt is US$7.97b.

    Is debt free or zero debt good for a company?

    Having Debt free or zero debt is good for a company because they can avoid interest cost which can impact their balance sheets. But it’s not applicable for all the companies as some companies which are in finance business take debt to loan it further to make money. Also, some companies take loans to fuel their growth.

    Is it good to invest in zero debt companies in India?

    Investors are preferring companies with negligible or no debt so that they have peace of mind investing in the debt free companies in India and best dividend paying companies. Let’s have a look at all the zero debt companies in India in November 2021. Is Zero Debt good for a company? Which are the top debt free companies in India?

    Which are the top 10 debt free companies in India?

    The top 10 debt free companies in India are as below:-TCS Hind. Unilever Infosys ITC Asian Paints HCL Tech Maruti Suzuki Wipro Nestle India Avenue Supermart

    Are companies with high debt still good companies?

    Hence, even if companies like XYZ is carrying high debt (Rs.120 Crore), they are still as good as zero debt companies. Why? Because XYZ also has enough cash reserves (Rs.132 Crore) to negate its debt burden.

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