How much is the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star?

How much is the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star?

Only $12.50* a week *Plus HST.

How do I read the Toronto Star Online?

Download the Toronto Star ePaper App! Read stories in your news feed on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Subscribe and authorize your devices with one account.

Does the Toronto Star have a Sunday edition?

As of 2015, it was Canada’s highest-circulation newspaper in overall weekly circulation: although a close second to The Globe and Mail in daily circulation on weekdays, it overtakes the Globe in weekly circulation because the Globe does not publish a Sunday edition.

What is the Toronto Star ePaper edition?

Welcome to the Toronto Star ePaper edition! The ePaper is a digital copy of the printed Toronto Star Newspaper. You can access the full edition of the Toronto Star to your computer, tablet or smartphone and read whenever and wherever you want.

Where can I read the Toronto Star Online?

Toronto Star ePaper Welcome to Toronto Star ePaper! Now you can read Toronto Star ePaper anytime, anywhere. Toronto Star ePaper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at the newsstand.

Is the Toronto Star a real news publication?

It’s not easy to find a real, general coverage news publication. “News” is the word we, in the states, now use to mean partisan-political-opinion-publications. The Toronto Star is a general coverage news publication. The Star carries real news, much like our local newspaper, PBS, BBC, Voice of America, and very few others.

Is the Toronto Star ePaper eligible for the tax credit?

A subscription to the Toronto Star ePaper is eligible for the digital news subscription tax credit. Click HERE to find out more. Get daily access to a replica of the printed paper on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with The Star ePaper. Enjoy the newspaper feel of flipping through pages.

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