Is Stop Making Sense one concert?

Is Stop Making Sense one concert?

“Stop Making Sense” makes wonderful sense. A concert film by the New York new-wave rock band Talking Heads, it was shot during three performances at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in December, 1983, and the footage has been put together without interviews and with very few cutaways.

What movie is naive melody in?

Stop Making SenseThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) / Movie
The song is featured in Stop Making Sense (1984), a concert film featuring Talking Heads and directed by Jonathan Demme. Throughout the Stop Making Sense version, Byrne and his bandmates perform by a standard lamp, while close-up images of various body parts are projected onto a screen behind them.

What Bass does Tina Weymouth?

Höfner Club bass
Tina has played a Höfner Club bass for many years.

What instrument does David Byrne dance with in Stop Making Sense?

In the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense, Byrne dances with a lamp during the song. Recorded at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, the music for this song came out of a jam session where the band switched instruments.

What is the meaning of the song Naive Melody?

The subtitle, “Naive Melody,” refers to the structure of the song itself. The bass and guitar repeat the exact same phrase for the entire song, restricting the melody of the song to the G-A-B-A chord progression. >> Suggestion credit: Fans quickly connected with the song, but it was only a minor hit.

Why is David Bowie’s’Naive Melody’called naive?

So the original basic track was called ‘Naive Melody’ because the melody was naive-sounding, the melody of the keyboard. When David finished writing the lyrics, he called it ‘This Must Be The Place’ but decided to keep ‘Naive Melody’ as part of the title but in parentheses.”

What is the ambiguity in the song Naive Melody?

This ambiguity stands out in lines like “I guess I must be having fun” and “If someone asks, this is where I’ll be” – he knows this is supposed to be the place, so he’ll go with it. “Naive Melody” was what they called the song before adding the lyrics.

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