Panawe Batanado Discusses 5 Web Development Trends That Your Business Needs to Follow

Panawe Batanado Discusses 5 Web Development Trends That Your Business Needs to Follow

The internet is constantly changing and innovating. As new technology arrives, old web applications are either retired or enhanced. To maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial to keep up with and employ the newest developments in your business. Here, principal software developer Panawe Batanado discusses five of the latest trends in web development that can help you stay ahead of the pack.

1. Chatbots

Customers keep your business running! Because of how crucial customers are, most businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction. Enter the chatbot – they are able to do exactly that 24 hours a day, all year round. Chatbots can shorten the amount of time customers have to wait for simple support queries by answering common questions, directing clients to the proper info, and setting up meetings, call backs, or other typical tasks.

2. Blockchain

You may immediately associate blockchain with cryptocurrency; however, it can be used for so much more. It enables combined data storage across a large number of computers all over the world. When compared to traditional hard drive or server storage systems, it is just about impossible to hack or destroy a blockchain network, making it a very secure way of storing sensitive business files.

3. Progressive Web Applications

These are web applications or web pages that are similar to mobile applications, particularly in performance and style. The combination of browser and mobile application features provides an app-like experience for the user and is rapidly growing in popularity. Progressive web applications were planned by Google several years ago; since then, they have taken off and have been adopted by thousands of companies. Progressive web applications offer many benefits over a simple web page, are quick-loading, use push notifications, increase conversion rates, and include the ability to add an application to a user’s desktop home screen.

4. Motion UI

A web page should be straightforward, simple to browse through, and user-friendly. This is why motion UI–which was originally only used for mobile applications–is now being used in website design too. By employing this type of coding, you can make a much more functional and intuitively designed site. Motion UI allows you to easily add hovers, animation, transitions, headers, and more.

5. One Page Sites

With so many things competing for people’s time, attention spans can decrease. If there is a lot going on on your site, you may quickly lose a potential customer’s attention. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the newest trend in web pages are simple, single page sites. Everything your customer needs to make a purchase is condensed on one page that’s quick to load and browse. These types of websites also play nicely with mobile devices, and since more people are connecting to the web this way, this is very important.

Change is inevitable. This is especially the case in the online realm, where innovations can come quickly. Panawe Batanado says that to stay ahead of your competition, it is vital for your business to take advantage of web development trends as they emerge.

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