What anime is about a girl vampire?

What anime is about a girl vampire?

Youko Shiragami Shiragami Youko, the principal vampire character in a fantastic anime series ever, Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa. In the role of a vampire-like demi-human, Youko joins a human school. However, she is subject to a condition. The reason for this is to conceal the fact that she’s a vampire.

Is Vampire Knight anime worth watching?

I really think that the people who made the Vampire Knight-anime did an awesome job! If you see the original when reading the manga, you might understand why I gave this a 9. Don’t forget to watch it now, I’ll hunt you! Conclusion: Vampire Knight is an awesome anime/manga with very enjoyable characters and a story!

What is the best Vampire anime?

Monogatari Series. The story of this anime revolves around a third-year high school student named Koyomi Araragi who survives the attack of a vampire with the help of Meme

  • The Case Study of Vanitas. This anime sets in the 19th Century when a young vampire named NoĆ© Archiviste found the Book of Vanitas in the hand of a
  • Vampire Hunter D.
  • What are some good romance anime shows?

    True Tears

  • Wolf Girl&Black Prince
  • His and Her Circumstances
  • ReLife
  • Tsuki ga Kirei
  • What is the best action romance anime?

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Durarara!!
  • Berserk
  • Kekkai Sensen
  • Guilty Crown
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Noragami
  • Akuma no Riddle
  • Kyoukai no Kanata
  • Gintama
  • What are some good Funimation dubbed romance anime?

    Ah My Goddess

  • Absolute Duo (Debatable,I liked it)
  • Ai Yori Aoshi
  • Baka and Test (No ACTUAL romance)
  • Chobits
  • Citrus (Debatable again,I liked it).
  • Darling in the Franxxx (Kinda? We’re gonna muddy it here).
  • Fruits Basket (Among my top 10).
  • Gamers! (Some love it,I don’t)
  • Heavens Lost Property (Again some like it,I don’t)
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