What do you say on a 50th birthday party invitation?

What do you say on a 50th birthday party invitation?

Our beloved Joan is turning 50 years young! Nifty, thrifty and finally 50! Let’s celebrate the 20th anniversary of Linda’s 30th birthday! Celebrating fifty years of wonderful!

How do you announce a 50th birthday party?

Examples of 50th birthday invitation wording ideas

  1. It’s ______’s birthday!
  2. Shhh!!
  3. ________ is over the hill!
  4. _________ is turning 50!!
  5. It’s party time!
  6. Let’s party like it’s 19__! (*put the year they were born here)
  7. Did you know ______ is turning 50?!
  8. Oh my goodness, ain’t it nifty, look who’s turning 50!

What do you say in a surprise party invitation?

Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording

  1. Shhh… “Shhh, …it’s a surprise birthday! Join us in celebrating (Guest of honor) ‘s special day.
  2. Don’t Blow It. “Oh dear, don’t blow it! We’re hosting a surprise party for (Guest of honor)!
  3. Fabulous Surprise. “Shhh…
  4. Top Secret. “This is a TOP SECRET invitation to.

What do you say at a surprise party?

Tell the guest of honor about a recent surprise you loved and watch their reaction. Reflect on how they reacted to surprises in the past. Consider their personality — someone who likes to go with the flow will likely enjoy a surprise party.

When should you send out 50th birthday invitations?

When to Send Out Party Invitations? Answer: It is best to send party invitations three weeks before your party date for birthday parties or general celebrations. However, you can send invitations out as early as six weeks before the party or up to two weeks before the party.

What should I write in a surprise birthday card?

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording

  1. Your lips better be sealed: We’re hosting a surprise 40th birthday party for Thomas.
  2. Classified information: Join us for a surprise party for Janet’s 60th!
  3. Gather together, co-conspirators: Our mission is to keep Bella’s 25th’s surprise party under wraps.
  4. Psst …

How do you write a birthday party?


  1. Include the name of the honoree.
  2. Use colorful language that matches your theme.
  3. Mention the date, time and address.
  4. List contact information and date to RSVP.
  5. Provide extra details (ex: wear a costume or bring a date).

How do you celebrate a surprise birthday party?

Shake up a celebration with these 25 surprise birthday ideas!

  1. Place a special delivery to work.
  2. Say “Happy Birthday” on a blog or ad space.
  3. Fly in a long-distance friend or family member.
  4. Explore uncharted territory.
  5. Movie montage of memories.
  6. Snail mail.
  7. In-home personal chef.
  8. Rad radio message.

How to plan a 50th surprise party?

Step#1 – Planning a 50th Birthday Party Step by Step. Before choosing your theme,consider your budget.

  • Step#2 – Choose Your Venue. Once you have the creative juices flowing,consider where you want to have this party.
  • Step#3 – Prepping all the details. Party theme?
  • Step#4 – Scheduling the Big Day.
  • Step#5 – Create a Shopping List.
  • What to do at a 50th birthday party?

    String a clothesline around the party venue and use it to hang 50 pictures of the guest of honor.

  • Hang 50 words from the ceiling that best describe the wonderful things about the birthday honoree.
  • Fill a table with 50 framed photos of important family moments in the life of the birthday boy.
  • What are good gifts for a 50th birthday?


  • A Book
  • Photo Album
  • 50th Birthday Wine Glass
  • Homemade Baked Goods
  • Cookbook
  • Recipe Box
  • Candle
  • Writing Journal
  • Mug Warmer or Coffee Cozy
  • What are some good 50th birthday ideas?

    Pick a selection of 12 things from your bucket list and do one a month

  • Do a marathon or a half one (I did this)
  • Do that trip of a lifetime
  • Hang glide
  • Do a parachute jump
  • Do a bungee
  • Drive a sports car
  • Fly a plane (not as extreme as you’d think,I did this for my 40th)
  • Abseil
  • Be an extra in a movie
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