What does Zetsu-ai 1989 Mean?

What does Zetsu-ai 1989 Mean?

Zetsuai 1989 (絶愛-1989- lit. Absolute Love -1989-?) is a Japanese yaoi manga known for its melo-dramatic, almost operatic plot, its “semi-insane characters”, and for the controversial style of its artwork. The word “Zetsu-ai” is a compound created by Minami Ozaki which has been translated as “desperate love”.

How many volumes of Zetsuai are there?

The series Zetsuai was abandoned after 5 volumes. The author, or mangaka, Minami Ozaki picked the story back up after a few years with Bronze. So far, Bronze has outpaced Zetsuai and has 14 volumes. The story arc it is currently in is called Restart .

How many Zetsuai OVAs were made?

Two OVA’s were made, one taking place in Zetsuai [Since] 1989, and the second during Bronze: Zetsuai since 1989 (also called Bronze Zetsuai or simply Bronze ). Koyasu Takehito plays the part of Izumi Takuto, and Sho Hayami plays Koji Nanjo. Radio dramas and CDs (with some lyrics composed by Minami Ozaki) were produced.

What was the first shōnen-ai manga translated into German?

Zetsuai 1989 was the first shōnen-ai manga to be officially translated into German. Koji wakes up to find himself in a strange bed. He learns that Takuto Izumi found him passed out in the street, and took him home, along with a puppy Izumi found near Koji.

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