What is push connect?

What is push connect?

Push-to-pull, push-to-connect, push-in, push-fit, or instant fittings are a type of easily removed compression fitting or quick connect fitting that allows an air (or water) line to be attached, nominally without the use of tools (a tool is still usually required for cutting tubing to length and removal).

Do you need inserts for MDPE?

No need to use inserts on blue any-more. Most water utilities say they are not needed.

Are Blue Hawks good tools?

Blue Hawk Tools. Blue Hawk tools are part of an entry level line of tools and equipment marketed by Lowes. These useful and accessible tools can get the job done without the need to break your piggy bank. This makes it an ideal choice for DIY builders who are concerned about quality, functionality and price.

How do I assemble the Sharkbite connection system?

INSTRUCTIONS SharkBite Connection System Grab Ring Release Collar Support Sleeve O-Ring Protector First Stage O-Ring Second Stage 3 Connecting a SharkBite Joint Preparation The following instructions must be followed to assemble the SharkBite Connection System. Select the correct size fitting and tubing for the job.

How do Sharkbite fittings work?

System The SharkBite connection system uses an advanced push-fit design that works in two stages. When the tube is inserted into the fitting it passes the first stage through a release collar and then through a stainless steel grab ring. The grab ring has teeth that open out and grip onto the tube.

What is the Blue Hawk brand?

About the brand. Blue Hawk is a brand that offers a wide range of products for both indoor and outdoor use which are mainly sold at Lowes stores. Among the Blue Hawk products you can find at stores include storage equipment, building parts, accessories and materials like doors, windows, flooring, electrical, plumbing and other supplies,…

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