What is the E7 list in the army?

What is the E7 list in the army?

Sergeant First Class (Platoon Sergeant) (E-7) The SFC is the first level at which the term senior NCO properly applies.

Where can I find the PPRL list?

The PPRL Home Page is located at https://rcms.usar.army.mil/v3/Portal/Default.aspx. Data contained in the Consolidated PPRL is from the four Regional Support Commands, the 7th Civil Support Command and the 9th Mission Support Command.

How do I find out if I got promoted Army?

– Soldiers (Private (E1) – Sergeant(5)) can log into the PPW from the AKO website. – Under Army Links click on Enlisted Promotions, at the bottom of the screen, check the box left of submit, then click the submit button.

How long can an E7 stay in the Army?

24 years
Army Retention Control Point

Rank Total Years Active Service
E6 including promotable 20 years
E7 including promotable 24 years
E8 26 years
E8 promotable 30 years

How do you become an Army e7?

There are no minimum time-in-grade requirements for promotion to E-7, E-8, or E-9, but soldiers must meet the following minimum time-in-service requirements to be eligible for promotion: Sergeant First Class (E-7) — Six years. Master Sergeant/First Sergeant (E-8) — Eight years. Sergeant Major (E-9) — Nine years.

What does PPRL stand for Army?

Permanent Promotion Recommended List (PPRL) Maintenance – All Human Resources personnel will ensure that Commanders at all levels are informed of the provisions of AR 600-8-19, Chapter 3, Section VII (Recommended List Maintenance).

How long can you stay on the PPRL?

Answer: There is no limit. The CCDR may recommend Soldiers every month to appear before a promotion board. It’s important to understand that the PZ is limited to a one-year period. The Army expects, by the end of the one year period, Soldiers to be integrated onto the PRL/PPRL.

How do you get promoted to e7 in the army?

What age does the army kick you out?

Military Age Limits: Army Age Limit: 35 for active duty, Guard, and Army Reserve. Navy Age Limit: 39 for active duty, 39 for Navy Reserve. Marine Corps Age Limit: 28 for active duty and Marine Corps Reserve.

What is an E7 in the Army?

Army Promotion to E-7 Sergeant First Class A Sergeant First Class is a Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Army at DoD paygrade E-7. This page describes how the Army determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Sergeant First Class. First Sergeants share promotion requirements with Master Sergeants as they hold the same grade.

Are the future E-7s in the active or reserve?

The future E-7s are in both the active Army and Active Guard and Reserve. The NCOs were selected for promotion by the fiscal 2019 Sergeant First Class promotion selection board. The lists name both NCOs considered and those who were selected. See the names here: Active Army list AGR list Share: More In Your Army

What is the Army E-8 promotion board?

The board, comprised of more senior NCO’s and Officers, evaluates soldiers included on the slate for E-8 based on the qualifications and career performance of the soldier in all arenas, deciding whether or not the soldier stands worthy of promotion.

Why are E-4 and E-7 reports important?

Such reports stand important for all soldiers seeking promotion past the grade of E-4, but they become increasingly important as soldiers seek promotion to higher grades, especially those of E-7 thru E-9. Want to learn more? Read about the Army’s Sergeant First Class rank on Military-Ranks.org.

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