Where can I download high quality video game soundtracks?

Where can I download high quality video game soundtracks?

5 Sites to Download Free Video Game Music

  • A Game Music Index. A Game Music Index includes hundreds of game soundtracks from three platforms: Commodore 64, NES, and SNES.
  • OverClocked ReMix.
  • Remix.Kwed.Org.
  • Khinsider.
  • Zophar’s Music Domain.
  • SNESmusic.
  • Project2612.

Where can I find game music?

List of Free Game Music Sites

  • digccMixter.
  • PlayOnLoop.
  • Bensound.
  • FreeSFX.
  • Twin Musicom.
  • ZapSplat.
  • Incompetech.
  • MusOpen.

How do I find a video game song?

When you’re watching a video on your computer, fire up Shazam on your phone. Hold the phone close to your speakers when the song starts playing, and Shazam will identify it in no time after you tell it to search.

How do you get music on video games?

4 Ways to Source Music for Your Game

  1. Stock music library.
  2. Asking friends or a student / amateur musician.
  3. Hiring a composer.
  4. Making it yourself.

What is the best video game soundtrack of all time?

The 100 best video game soundtracks of all time 1. Ico 2. Chrono Trigger Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda (SNES, 1995) For a game that spans over 65,000,000… 3. The Last Of Us Gustavo Santaolalla (PS3, 2013) The Last Of Us might be a post-apocalyptic zombie tale on the surface,…

What games have the most diverse samples of music?

Mitsuda even returned in 1999 for Chrono Cross, which proved to be an even more diverse sampling of songs, though the game itself couldn’t measure up. Composer Danny Baranowsky blew our minds in Crypt of the NecroDancer, where you must navigate monster-infested dungeons as you move and attack to the beat of the game’s spooky electronic rock.

Who wrote the music for Megaman?

Thankfully videogame music nerd Jake Kaufman – who cut his teeth making music for the Game Boy Color in the early ‘00s – does a bang up job of bringing to mind the golden era of chiptunes. Extra points go to Yacht Club for convincing original Megaman composer Manami Matsumae to contribute two tracks to the score. 99.

What are some good rhythm games with good music?

A rhythm game needs good music first and foremost, and it’s COIL’s (not that Coil) insane sci-fi rock opera which elevated Gitaroo Man to genre masterpiece. The band emulate the changing musical styles of each villain which includes a cosmic space shark with turntables for a chest.

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