Can Roman blinds be fitted outside recess?

Can Roman blinds be fitted outside recess?

Roman blinds can easily be fitted either inside or outside of the recess.

Where should blinds be placed in recess?

Inside the recess This method of hanging blinds positions the blind right next to the window, within the recess. It should be noted that this method isn’t always available as, generally, a recess depth of 7.5cm is needed to ensure there is enough room for the blind.

Can Roman shades be outside mounted?

Roman Shades may be mounted inside or outside the window frame. When ordering your window blind of choice, make sure you specific the correct option that best fits your application. You will need at least 1 inch of window frame depth to mount roman shades although at least 3 inches will be needed for a flush mount.

What is the difference between recess and exact blinds?

Recess blinds are designed to fit snugly within the window opening itself, while exact blinds generally sit outside the window recess, overlapping slightly on either side. Measuring for exact blinds will ensure a neat fit that minimises the amount of light escaping around the sides of the blind.

Are blinds better inside or outside recess?

Why fit outside of the recess? The main advantages of hanging your blinds outside of the recess are that more light will enter the room when the blinds are open. You can block out more light when the blinds are closed. However, any items that you have placed on the windowsill won’t be visible when you close the blinds.

Can Roman blinds be mounted outside the window recess?

Most light that is obstructed by a raised blind is blocked at the top of the window. For rooms that lack natural light, mounting high up and outside of the recess really will illuminate your space as much as possible. Roman Blinds are suitable for outside the window recess fitting.

Are Roman blinds easy to cut to size?

Though roller blinds are easy to cut to size, Venetian blinds and Roman blinds (as well as many other styles) require a professional hand to ensure the blind is cut to size correctly. By mounting blinds high above the recess, light is also maximised when compared to blinds hung inside the recess.

Should blinds be up or down when painting a window recess?

If you leave your blinds down most of the time, then fitting inside the recess can be the smarter choice. For many people, Venetian blinds and similar styles simply look better when cut to fit the recess of the window, and because Venetian blinds offer fantastic light control and privacy, raising the blinds is less of a necessity.

What is a recess in a window?

The recess refers to the space between your inside wall and the glass your window is made from. Whilst it’s possible to hang blinds inside and outside of this space, there are pros and cons of each option. You can find out what they are in this article. Learn more about installing roman blinds in Nottingham and Newark here.

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