Does IBM own Silverpop?

Does IBM own Silverpop?

Silverpop was an Atlanta-based software company focused on digital marketing. It was acquired by IBM in 2014.

What is Silverpop for?

Silverpop, a part of IBM Watson since 2014, is a cloud-based tool that provides automated email, campaign tracking, lead management and more to companies.

What is IBM Silverpop?

Silverpop Systems Inc. is a provider of email marketing software and marketing automation solutions for brand marketing. Its features include automated email campaigns, marketing automation solutions, reporting and analytic solutions, and more. SilverPop was purchased by IBM in 2014.

What is IBM marketing cloud?

IBM Watson™ Campaign Automation, formerly IBM® Marketing Cloud, delivers: A new, simplified product structure as part of the IBM Watson Marketing portfolio. The addition of IBM Watson Campaign Automation Performance Insights to provide marketers with new, updated reporting and analytical capabilities.

What is IBM acoustic?

Acoustic Campaign is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that leverages customer data, analytical insights, and automating relevant cross-channel interactions. Acoustic Campaign provides solution-based Editions and services that map to marketer needs to simplify the buying process.

What is acoustic campaign?

What is Unica Campaign?

Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking.

What is IBM Watson campaign automation?

IBM Watson Campaign Automation is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered marketing automation solution which enables the personalization of customer journeys across multiple channels including SMS, email, mobile push, and social media.

Is Silverpop acoustic?

Acoustic Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, & social. Now deliver real-time integration of leads, contacts, campaigns & actions between leading CRM applications & Silverpop’s Engage offering.

What is IBM Watson marketing?

Design, automate and measure consistent campaigns across channels like email, mobile messaging, social and more. Campaign performance insights give marketers the data they need to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns.

Is Silverpop now acoustic?

Silverpop endpoints provide the configuration information that Studio and the Integration Appliance use to connect to Silverpop (now Acoustic Campaign).

Who owns acoustic campaign?

Acoustic is the new brand for IBM’s former marketing and commerce platform, following its sale to private equity company Centerbridge Partners in April. The independent marketing cloud is led by a team including former IBM executives.

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