Has West Indies ever won a Test series in Australia?

Has West Indies ever won a Test series in Australia?

It was first awarded at the end of the 1960–61 series in Australia, the first Test of which ended in a tie….Frank Worrell Trophy.

The Frank Worrell Trophy
Countries Australia West Indies
Format Test cricket
First edition 1960–61 (West Indies)
Latest edition 2015–16 (Australia)

When did Australia last play the West Indies in cricket?

The West Indies won the first three T20I matches to win the series. Australia won the fourth T20I by four runs, and the West Indies won the fifth T20I by 16 runs, to win the series 4–1….

Australian cricket team in the West Indies in 2021
West Indies Australia
Dates 9 – 26 July 2021

Which countries have won Test series in Australia?

Series/Tournament Season Winner
South Africa in Australia Test Series 1910/11 Australia
The Ashes (England in Australia) 1911/12 England
Australia v South Africa Test Series (in England) 1912 Australia
The Ashes (Australia in England) 1912 England

Who is Australia’s 2021 captain?

In 2021, Australia named a 15-member squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup with regular limited overs captain Aaron Finch leading the side.

Have England ever won The Ashes in Australia?

1986-87: Australia 1-2 England 1994-95: Australia 3-1 England. 1998-99: Australia 3-1 England. 2002-03: Australia 4-1 England. 2006-07: Australia 5-0 England.

Which team won most Test in Australia?

Australia is the most successful Test team in cricketing history with an overall winning rate of 47.05%. As of 19 October 2018, Australia have played 814 Test matches; winning 383, lost 220, 209 were drawn and 2 matches were tied….Matches played (by country)

Team Australia
Opponent West Indies
Matches 140
Won 74
Lost 60


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