How do you get the red gun in Antichamber?

How do you get the red gun in Antichamber?

The Red Gun will always appear when mirrored at either Climbing The Tower #7 or The Highest Point even if has been obtained earlier.

How do you get the first gun in Antichamber?

1 Answer

  1. Start at ‘Jump’, fall down to bottom.
  2. Rush forward into the black tunnel. Ignore the white lines on the floor, go straight ahead.
  3. When the left part of the tunnel turns red, go right, there is a location switching window here. Look through it and you should be at the blue gun.

Does Antichamber have a time limit?

No, you won’t have to start over. When the time is up, you can continue as if nothing happened. Completing the game in under 90 minutes is an optional bonus challenge you can take once you completed the game at a leisure pace. Unless, of course, you think you are REALLY smart.

How do you solve the antichamber puzzle without the Red Gun?

Most puzzles can be solved without the red gun. If you give up on a puzzle and just want the answer, there is an easy way to get the solution. Find the name of the closest room on the map, and type Antichamber “name” into a search engine.

What is this guide to Antichamber?

This Guide is a discription of the way the world of antichamber works with a few hints and tips. It does not give directions to objects or explain any particular puzzle. It does contain information on abilities you will not have early in the game.

What is the black gun used for in Déjà Vu?

The Black Gun is used to place black cubes and works identically to the Red Gun, while the Dark Gun is used to place the Black Ghost. If the in-game console is used to unlock the dark gun, it can be used outside of The End to place many iterations of the Black Ghost around the map. ↑ the name is revealed in the Déjà Vu dev room.

Is Antichamber fun to play alone?

Alot of the fun playing Antichamber is learning the game and its solutions on your own. The game is designed so that you are MEANT TO FAIL some parts of it so don’t let yourself give up too easily.

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