How much does it cost to rent a bike in Pune?

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Pune?

Renting a bike is very popular in locations like Wakad, Hadapsar, Chinchwad, Hinjewadi and Kharadi road. The average rental price for a scooter starts from Rs 400 per day, whereas if you take a bike on long-term rent, the rent typically starts from Rs 3000 per month.

Is Yulu available in Pune?

The areas that are covered by Yulu are major parts of Nanded, Pune Okayama Friendship Park, Hadapsar, Empress Botanical Garden, etc. These are the regions which are inhabited by a large chunk of the population, and where the traffic is bad.

Is bounce available in Pune?

The Bounce Infinity E1 ex-showroom price in Pune starts from Rs 45,099. The Infinity E1 is available in 2 variants….Bounce Infinity E1 Price in Pune.

Bounce Infinity E1 Without Battery Pack Rs. 49,089
Bounce Infinity E1 With Battery Pack Rs. 69,999

Is Rapido available in Pune?

About Company : Rapido is India’s first and fastest-growing Bike taxi app with a whopping 25 Million+ app downloads. And now running operations in Pune and other top 100+ cities.

Is Rapido in Mumbai?

Bike taxi service Rapido began operations in Mumbai on Friday, a move the Maharashtra government said does not have its sanction. The firm, which started in 2015, now operates in 100 cities.

Who owns Yulu?

Amit Gupta –
Amit Gupta – Co-Founder and CEO – Yulu | LinkedIn.

Is helmet required for Yulu bike?

Now, while our Electric Vehicle – The Yulu Miracle – does not require a driving license or a helmet by law to operate, we certainly recommend that riders use a helmet at all times, even if it is for the super quick last-mile journey that takes you home or to your office.

Can I leave VOGO bike anywhere?

Are there restrictions on where I can travel? You’re welcome to take one-way trips between our Vogo points. You can also take round trips and take the vehicle from your starting point and return it after it is used.

How do you use Trin Trin Mysore?


  1. Slide the bicycle-clip firmly into an empty dock and make sure that bicycle is properly locked by gently pulling on the bicycle.
  2. Wait for “Transaction Completed” light to blink.
  3. Observe that “Ready” LED light is turned on, Bicycle return process is now complete.

How is hire cycle in Bangalore?

Here are some cycle renting options where you can easily get bicycles on rent without any long-term commitment:

  1. Yulu Bikes. Yulu E-Scooter.
  2. ICycle. Source A Bengaluru-based startup, ICycle takes your cycling needs very seriously.
  3. City Cycling.
  4. Pedals and Wheels.
  5. Bums On The Saddle.
  6. HWY Rider.

Is bike taxi legal in Pune?

Till now there is no legal permission given to the two-wheeler transportation of passengers, nor there is any permit given under the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Regulations for running a bike taxi,” said Pune regional transport officer Ajit Shinde. This service is popular in the city as it is cheaper.

Why choose transrentals for bike rental in Pune?

But now TransRentals has been opened in Pune city, making us the best Bike Rental service provider in the country. Providing bikes on rent in Pune is one of India’s most fascinating cities and tourist destinations. Bike rent in Pune by TransRentals allows you the opportunity to avoid traffic, making your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

What is the driving limit on rental bikes in Pune?

There is no driving limit on the rental bikes in Pune. You can drive the bikes as far as possible. However, with the freedom to drive as much as possible, you need to ensure that you follow the traffic rules. Moreover, for your safety, the maximum speed limit allowed of the rental bikes is 60 km per hour.

Is it easy to get two wheeler for rent in Pune?

Now its easy to get two wheeler for rent in Pune or bike hire in Pune. We do provide monthly bike rental in Pune city. One of the best, bike rentals in Pune.

Where can I pick up my bike in Pune?

Location: Pune Vehicle Pick up & Drop Location: Airport or Pune Railway Station Pick Up Timings: Open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Drop Timings: Before 8:00 AM About the Bike On Rent In Pune:

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