How much horsepower does a Can-Am Commander 800 have?

How much horsepower does a Can-Am Commander 800 have?

71 HP
How Much Horsepower Does a Can-Am Commander 800 Have? The Can-Am Commander 800R XT is an incredibly popular machine today even though Can-Am appears to have dropped it in favor of an all 1000 cc model lineup. Let’s take a gander at its specs: 71 HP.

How much does a 2014 Can-Am Commander 800 weight?

1,287 lb

27 x 11 x 12 in. (68.6 x 27.9 x 30.5 cm)
WHEELS* Steel Black
DRY WEIGHT* 1,287 lb (584 kg)
L X W X H (IN)* 118.3 x 58.6 x 72 in.

How much horsepower does a Can-Am Commander have?

52 hp
Commander DPS

Engine 700 1000R
Engine displacement 700 1000
Type 700: 52 hp / 41 lb-ft, Rotax® ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) 650 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled 1000R: 100 hp, Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled
Fuel Delivery System Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Can-Am 800R specs?

L x W x H: 120.2 x 62.5 x 72 in. ( 305.4 x 158.8 x 182.9 cm)

  • Wheelbase: 75.8 in. (
  • Ground Clearance: 11 in. (
  • Dry Weight*: 1,291.4 lb (586 kg)
  • Rack Capacity: 600 lb (272 kg) Dual-Level cargo box.
  • Rack Capacity Upper level: 400 lb (181 kg)
  • Rack Capacity Lower level: 200 lb (91 kg)
  • Storage Capacity Total: 8.3 gal (31.6 L)
  • What is a 2014 Can Am Commander 1000 worth?


    Suggested List Price Average Retail
    Base Price $15,799 $10,455
    Options (Add)
    Total Price $15,799 $10,455

    How wide is Can Am Commander 800?

    2020 Can-Am Commander 800R Specifications

    Width (in/mm) 58.6 / 1489
    Height (in/mm) 72 / 1829
    Wheelbase (in/mm) 75.8 / 1924
    Ground Clearance (in/mm) 11 / 279

    How much is a Can-Am Commander?

    2021 Can-Am Commander XT 1000R • $18,999 The Commander XT is the full package.

    Can-Am Commander 800R DPS specs?

    2020 Can-Am Commander DPS 800R Specifications

    Technical Specifications:
    Wheelbase (in/mm) 75.8 / 1924
    Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 1291.4 / 586
    Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 10 / 37.8

    Can-Am Commander 800 engine specs?

    2015 Can-Am Commander 800R XT Specifications

    Engine Type V Twin
    Cylinders 2
    Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
    Horsepower (bhp/kW) 71 / 53

    How much does a can Am Commander 800R cost?

    2014 Can-Am Commander 800R Specifications Model Type Sport UTV BASE MSRP (US) $11,799.00 Dealers Can-Am Dealers Warranty 6

    How much does a 2014 can Am Commander XT cost?

    Both engines come with CVT, transmissions with High, Low, Park, Neutral & Reverse modes. The 2014 Can-Am Commander XT can be yours for no less than $14,499. Hit the jump for more information on the 2014 Can-Am Commander XT.

    What kind of suspension does a can Am Commander have?

    The Can-Am Commander’s Double A-arm front suspension is designed with dive-control geometry that works to eliminate diving under heavy breaking and rough terrain. The front end features 10 in of travel and five-way preload-adjustable motion-control shocks. Outboard disc brakes with 214-mm discs and twin-piston calipers.

    What makes the commander XT so special?

    Loaded with features and technology that take value to a new level, the Commander XT is built with best-in-class power, a versatile dual-level cargo box, and rider-focused features perfect for the job site or the trails.

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