Is Alliance in motion a pyramid scheme?

Is Alliance in motion a pyramid scheme?

During the presentations, the team members stress that AIM Global is a legitimate company and not a scam or pyramid scheme as many people think. “We are registered by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association, have legitimate bank accounts and are registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority,” they say.

Is Alliance in motion real?

Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global) is a legit MLM (multilevel marketing) business opportunity. It’s not a scam. It has topped (on two different occasions) the list of online network marketing plans worldwide for about 4–5 years: See more here- Multilevel Marketing International Association .

What happened to Alliance in Motion Global?

Authorities in Mbarara district have ordered the closure of Alliance in Motion Global offices and Branches in Mbarara. This follows complaints from members of the public about the operations of the company.

Who are Alliance in Motion Global?

Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. (“AMG” or the “Company”) is a direct selling company that was founded in 2005 and which distributes and markets food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages.

Is AIM Global Investment legit?

True, Legal & Viable: AIM Global business is a legal and legitimate business. This business is not a scam business that just sells dreams. AIM Global business provides a way to achieve your dream to its compensation plan.

How much is the membership fee for AIM Global?

– AIM WORLD Membership fee 12,980.

How do you make money with Alliance Global?

Refer friends and colleagues to join AIM Global and earn $11.00. If a person joins AIM Global with you as their sponsor or referrer, AIM Global will give you $11.00 as a reward. Sponsoring is also selling. Once you become an AIM Global distributor, you can also sell business packages.

What are the benefits of Alliance in Motion Global?

Alliance In Motion Global

  • Humanitarian.
  • Online Training.
  • Free Medical Service.
  • Scholarship award.
  • All expense paid trip.
  • Car (worth $15,000)
  • SUV (worth $30,000)
  • Multiple Streams of income.

Is AIM Global a networking company?

AIM Global is the only network marketing company that has a charitable body like the ALIVE foundation. We help our less fortunate friends particularly those who were victims of calamities like typhoon and major earthquakes.

How can I earn in AIM Global Uganda?

Earn here in AIM Global

  1. Selling (but not mandatory) – No Quota. you are given 20% up to 50% profit on all products.
  2. Direct Referral Bonus – you will receive UGX 65,000 to each person who will come and join u.
  3. Match Sales Bonus – you will receive UGX 130,000 in every 2 persons who come and join you.

How do I join global alliance?

How to Join — Global Alliance. Any Association wishing to become a member of GA shall fill out the membership application and send it to [email protected] . The Executive Board shall admit new members who meet the required criteria.

What does alliance in motion do?

Alliance In Motion Global is only the exclusive worldwide distributor of premium nutritional supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – the #1 food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the USA and world leader in delivering high quality products that promotes wellness to the user.

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