What do Greek say when they break plates?

What do Greek say when they break plates?

Saying” Opa” When You Smash you expect to hear a plate breaking. This practice, paired with dancing and live music, is symbolic of the celebrations enjoyed at a Greek wedding.

What is the tradition of breaking plates?

One custom, although no longer commonplace, is the Greek wedding tradition of smashing plates. You may have seen this in movies or in Greek restaurants, although that is usually done to appeal to tourists. Historically, however, it was a real thing. The couple breaks plates to symbolize their new beginning.

What countries smash plates?

The big New Year’s Eve tradition in Denmark involves smashing plates against your friends’ front doors. It’s a measure of popularity to find a heap of broken china on the doorstep at midnight – according to the tradition, this brings good luck, so the more smashed plates, the more you’ll get.

Is breaking a plate good luck?

There is an old German tradition (known as ‘Polterabend’) of breaking old plates and crockery, the evening before a wedding! It is believed to bring good luck, especially if the bride and groom-to-be clean up the broken plates together. Who knew making a mess could be lucky!

What does Opa means in Greek?

The actual meaning of “opa!” is more like “Oops” or “Whoops!” Among Greeks, you might hear it after someone bumps into something or drops or breaks an object.

Why do Greek plates smash?

In symbolic ritual, a plate is smashed at the graveside of the departed following a Greek Orthodox funeral. Life has ended on earth. The plate is smashed, signifying the end of life. Smashing the plate is also considered an act of mourning.

Why do the Greek people break plates?

Greeks believe a joyous occasion or celebration also attracts evil spirits, and to ward it off, plates are smashed to indicate that such a violent and aggressive act means no celebration can take place anywhere near.

Do Arabs say Opa?

In Jewish culture, it is used for mazel tov. Arabs in the Eastern Mediterranean sometimes pronounce it as “obah” (in Arabic, due to the absence of the letter ‘p’), and especially use the expression when picking up or playing with children. Opa also appears in both Brazil and Portugal. A less common variation is “epa”.

What is a smashing plate in Greece?

Smashing plates became well known and normalized to people outside of Greece following the debut of the 1960 film “Never On Sunday.” There is a scene that shows the main characters in a raucous moment of really having a good time as glasses drop and smash on the floor during a dance.

Why do Greeks smash plates at weddings?

But when plates shatter on the floor at a gathering of Greeks — whether it is at a taverna, a wedding, a baptism or an intimate party, smashing those plates is no accident. Breaking plates is done purposely, accompanied by music, in celebration, and you will often hear the word “Opa!” expressed with great joie de vivre when it happens.

What does it mean to smash a plate?

Smashing the plate is also considered an act of mourning. Smashing plates is done in joy as well as to mourn. It was once believed that a celebration could draw the attention of some bad energy, or even worse, some nasty spirits.

Why was plate smashing banned in Greek nightclubs?

By 1969 the military dictatorship of Georgios Papadopoulos, which had suspended democracy and ruled Greece autocratically from 1967 to 1974, banned plate smashing in nightclubs. Flying shards of pottery were dangerous, so plate smashing was outlawed in the taverns and nightclubs of Greece.

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