Which project is best for BCA?

Which project is best for BCA?

Final Year Projects Topics For BCA and BSc IT

  • Web Based Crime Prediction.
  • Web Based Health Monitoring.
  • Web Based E-commerce.
  • Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis.
  • Employee Timesheet Management System.
  • Web Based Student Attendance System.
  • Web Based Bus Booking System.

What are some good C projects?

15+ Exciting C Projects Ideas With Source Code

  • Mini Voting System.
  • Tic-tac-toe Game.
  • Matrix Calculator.
  • Library Management System.
  • Electricity Bill Calculator.
  • Movie Ticket Booking System.

What are the projects in C?

20 Best C programming projects for beginners

  1. Bank Management System.
  2. Diary management System.
  3. Calendar using C.
  4. Contact Management System.
  5. Library Management System.
  6. Snake Game.
  7. Bus Reservation system.
  8. Customer Billing system.

How do you make a quiz game in C?

Quiz Game in C

  1. #include
  2. #include
  3. #include
  4. struct play {
  5. char name[20];
  6. int score;
  7. int rat; //star ratings.
  8. }p;

How do I run a C++ project?

Running a Project

  1. Choose File > New Project.
  2. In the project wizard, expand the Samples category.
  3. Select the C/C++ subcategory, then select the Arguments project.
  4. Right-click the Arguments_1 project node and choose Build.
  5. Right-click the Arguments_1 project node and choose Properties.

How do you create a project File?

To create a makefile project in Visual Studio

  1. From the Visual Studio main menu, choose File > New > Project and type “makefile” into the search box.
  2. Windows only: In the Makefile project Debug Configuration Settings page, provide the command, output, clean, and rebuild information for debug and retail builds.

What is quiz game project?

The Quiz Game Project is similar to the hangman game and is designed using c language. As you understand from the name of the project, here several questions are asked, and the user gets a cash prize considering the individual correct answers.

Are there any free C++ projects for BCA students?

This category consists of C++ Projects for bca studentsfor free download. Most of the projects listed here are submitted by bca final year students and computer science final year students which are part of there final year projects.

Is there a finger print based attendance system for BCA students?

List of SQL Database Mini Projects and SQL Database & Visual Basic Final Year Projects for BCA with Free Source Code and Documentation. A finger-print based attendance system has been established to track students attendance reliably in various sessions through the year. It mainly consists of…

Where can I download the latest collection of BXA projects?

BCA students can Download latest Collection of BXA projects in Java, BCA projects in VB, BCA projects in ASP.Net. Projects listed here consists of Project Reports with Source Code.

What is employee management system for BCA students?

List of .Net projects for BCA Students with full Source Code Downloads. Employee management system is crucial for smooth running of any organization having a substantial number of employees. It’s a useful tool for human…

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