Who is on the cover of every Madden?

Who is on the cover of every Madden?

Game Player Position
Madden NFL 19 Antonio Brown WR
Madden NFL 20 Patrick Mahomes QB
Madden NFL 21 Lamar Jackson QB
Madden NFL 22 Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes QBs

Who is on the cover of Madden 00?

“Madden NFL 2001,” released in August of 2000, technically was the third game in the series to include a player on its cover, but it was the first to feature a player — Titans running back Eddie George. Twenty years and multiple supposedly cursed players later, the tradition continues.

What is the Madden Curse?

More than 20 years into the iconic franchise’s history, there’s almost no escaping the Madden Curse. Since Garrison Hearst broke his ankle in 1998 shortly after appearing on the cover of Madden NFL 99, most of the players who starred on the game’s cover have suffered an injury the following season.

Who will be Madden 23 cover?

John Madden
Fan-made Madden 23 Cover John Madden is responsible for the entire franchise and it’s only right that he’s honored after his passing in December of 2021. To check out the fan-made cover and other ways John Madden could be honored in Madden 23, head here.

Who was on the cover of Madden 9?

Brett Favre
The game features quarterback Brett Favre on the cover….

Madden NFL 09
Cover art featuring Brett Favre in a Packers uniform
Developer(s) EA Tiburon
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series Madden NFL

Is Tom Brady a Millionaire?

He’s got billionaire potential.” MarketWatch this week tabbed Brady’s net worth at $475 million, putting him behind only Roger Staubach — who’s got $600 million — as the richest former NFL player.

Which NFL stars have been on the cover of Madden NFL?

Beginning in 2000, the overall focus shifted to NFL stars. Brett Favre, Drew Brees and Marshall Faulk are some of the bigger names to appear on Madden NFL covers. Others, though, haven’t fared so well.

Who is on the cover of Madden 2000?

On most versions of the Madden NFL 2000 cover, Barry Sanders is featured in the background of the image. Madden NFL 99 was the first iteration in the series to include Franchise Mode, where users can control a team for up to 15 years. This version of Madden was the last in the series to be released for the Super NES, Genesis and Sega Saturn.

What are some of the best Madden covers of all-time?

Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polomalu are two all-time greats. 10. Madden 08 Vince Young being on the Madden cover after a pretty dope rookie season was just insanely cool.

Do Madden NFL covers change over time?

Over the years, Madden NFL covers have changed as well. Until 2000, John Madden figured prominently on the game fronts. It is worth noting that some of the early PAL versions of the game that were distributed primarily in Europe had players on them. Beginning in 2000, the overall focus shifted to NFL stars.

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